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Set Descending Direction
  1. Left Hand Outrigger Bracket, Removable

  2. Right Hand Outrigger Bracket, Removable

  3. Ductile Iron Outrigger (Brackets Sold Separately)
    100-70-03 ductile iron
    Increases trailer width 12" per side
  4. Outrigger Bracket, welds to flange of beam, used with B23510 (2 required)

  5. Outrigger Bracket, welds to web of beam, used with B23510 (2 required)

  6. Forged Steel Outrigger with brackets
    Capacity: 5000 lbs.
    Forged Carbon Steel Outrigger is the industry standard.
    Includes upper and lower mounting brackets.
    Lower bracket and outrigger are designed to allow for indexing at 90 degree angles.
    Three locking positions.

Set Descending Direction